Virtual Event: SURE Final Conference “Collaboration – key to forest disturbance management in a new decade

By Celia Conde

26 August 2020

Final conference of the SURE project, serving as an open discourse on the future of the European Forest Risk Facility.

Wed, 26 August 2020 09:30 – 15:00 CEST

About this Event
Aim of this event is to highlight selected best-practice examples of fruitful collaboration within the European Forest Risk Facility. Such is based on the assumption that vast experience with managing large devastating disturbances does exist locally, but we can only learn from each other when both experiences and strategies are shared. As speakers, we have invited selected members of the Forest Risk Facility network to present their lessons learned in disturbance management, covering the whole cycle from immediate response to disturbances to improved risk prevention and adapted risk mitigation.

From storm events to megafires, from drought to bark beetle damage – recent challenges for European forests have shown that suppressing disturbances and trying to control them has proven insufficient. With intensified forest disturbance regimes during the last decades we have learned that if we want to mitigate forest risks and prevent negative impacts, we cannot only focus on emergency response and recovery. Thus, preventing disturbances and making forests more resilient has significantly gained in importance along with the insight that we need to learn how to live with intensified disturbances.

In the past three years, several networking activities and events as well as fast track sharing of experiences and knowledge during forest related risks crisis have been organized in the framework of the project SUstaining and Enhancing REsilience of European Forests (SURE). These activities were aiming at promoting and further developing a European Forest Risk Facility, an evolving knowledge hub consisting of several organisations and experts from all over Europe, coming from the fields of academia, forest practice and risk management, policy and society.