WG 5 meeting: Wildfire risk analysis, awareness and education strategies

By Pau Costa Foundation

29 March 2021
Socio-economic aspects of fire and fire risk management (FIRELINKS)

WG5 meeting
Wildfires: Risk analysis, awareness and education strategies

Digital Event
March 29, 2021, from 9:00 to 15:20 CET

Due to the restrictions with the current situation, the WG5 meeting  will be held online to allow collaborators to participate.

The meeting will be focused on the exchange of experiences on a European scale.
In the morning: risk analysis in different parts of Europe with a focus on new-fire-prone countries.
In the afternoon: risk awareness and education strategies.

Link: https://firelinks.eu/event/online-2021-wg5-meeting/ 


Perception, culture of risk and communication