WUI Fires in Mediterranean Europe: Current Research and Innovation Actions to Increase Communities Resilience

By Mariona Borràs

14 April 2021

Fires at the Wildland Urban Interface are becoming increasingly hazardous for life safety and property protection in Mediterranean Europe. In the near future, self protection capability of communities facing WUI fires has to increase, becoming the first priority over fire fighting. After a brief overview of recent WUI fires in Europe with particular attention to Spain, this webinar presents current EU research and innovation advances on WUI fire risk mitigation and communities’ resilience improvement Special emphasis is given to two efforts being currently developed the WUIVIEW project (https://wuiview.org) and the GUARDIAN project (https://proyectoguardian.com/en/). WUIVIEW is funded by the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism and is aimed at developing a fire risk analysis framework to be applied at WUI home owner level. GUARDIAN is an Urban Innovative Action ( to be implemented at community level Riba roja in Comunitat Valenciana whose aim is to increase communities’ fire protection through fire and forest management innovative practices. Results and scalability potential of both projects will be discussed within the European context

Fire ignition and spread models
Fuel management (biomass, SFM, mosaic landscape)
Wildland urban interface