How to use: Communities

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In this section you can find virtual spaces to discuss, share documents and other multimedia materials with other peers. Users can create and join communities. Become part of a community to share documents and participate in discussions that are part of that community.

  • Join an existing community.

Your request to join a community will be sent to the community admin and you will receive an email when your request is accepted.

  • Create a new community. If you think there is a topic not covered by current communities, you can create and manage one.


- By default all communities are public and open unless the private checkbox is selected. Only invited users can join and see the contents. Members of private communities shall be invited by sending an email through the platform.

- By default all the communities in Lessons on Fire will also be visible in the Riskplatform, this contributes to further spread the knowledge on wildfires. If you do not wish to share the contents of this community unselect the checkbox.

  • Invite a member to a community. If the community is public you can copy the url and share by email or social media, the contents will all be visible. If the community is private, you will need to invite members.