How to use: Wikifire

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In this section you can find an open dictionary of fire terms, where you can search and edit existing terms and post new ones.

  • Create a new entry. Click on “Create Wiki term” button on the main Wikifire page.
  • Add citations to an entry. When editing the body of a wiki term, the following code should be added:

- "This is a normal text [fn]This is the first footnote[/fn] This is how the text continues...". See example:

Once the changes are saved, the footnote will appear as:

  • View revisions. Terms that have more than one contributor, have a revision section activated. You can see if the term has more than one contributor on the bottom of the term page. To access the revisions, click on the “Revisions” tab.

A list of the edits made by the different authors are available for comparison. Select the revision you would like to compare using the radiobuttons.

  • Make a revision. Click on the “Edit” tab from the top of the term page. Make the updates you wish in the Body section. Once you are happy with the edition click “save”. You will be listed in the contributor’s section in the term page. All users will be able to see the editions in the “Revisions” section.
  • Report as inappropriate. If you think the description of term is inappropriate and you don’t want to edit the term to improve it, select the “report inappropriate” at the bottom of the term page. The administrator will receive a message and will be able to remove that term if needed.