Post-doc offer in FIRE-RES

By andreaduane from Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia

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The Landscape Ecology Group in the CTFC, led by Dr. Lluís Brotons and Dr. Andrea Duane, is leading the evaluation of future fire scenarios, in which the project will analyze and mobilize climate data according to novel knowledge about the atmospheric drivers of extreme wildfire events, will build novel and sound fire regime models in Europe and will assess the possible future trajectories affecting European landscapes and extreme events, according to climate change and concurrent alternative regional drivers of fire change. These tasks will be closely conducted with an international team of researchers involving colleagues from INRAE - France (Dr. Jean Luc Dupuy), NOA-Greece (Dr. Christos Giannakopoulos), ISA-Portugal (Dr. Francisco Rego) and Technosylva-Spain (Dr. Adrián Cardil). In addition, the work will benefit from ongoing collaborations with practitioners such as the Catalan Firefighting Service (Marc Castellnou) and with other research teams

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