Lessons On Fire – Powered by Firelogue

We the Pau Costa Foundation want to inform you about an exciting opportunity to expand the Lessons On Fire platform, a website that we have managed for six years and which will close on 23rd January 2023.

In partnership with the European Commission funded FIRELOGUE project the Lessons On Fire platform will be integrated into a broader and optimized website for the exchange of knowledge on wildfires. As a reult, from now on, the Lessons On Fire will become Lessons On Fire - Powered by Firelogue.

In order to keep the legacy of 6 years of effort alive, we require your opt-in consent to migrate your personal data in accordance with the Lessons On Fire privacy policy.

  • If you are already registered in the Lessons On Fire, click here.
  • If you are not registered in the Lessons On Fire, please, write us at info@paucostafoundation.org (subject: Lessons On Fire – Powered by Firelogue) and we will inform you once the new platform is launched on 23rd January 2023.


New features of the Lessons On Fire – Powered by Firelogue

  • The Platform Hub– Connection with fire related existing platforms – Get to know all the existing fire-related platforms and register to add more 
  • Library- Repository of fire-related articles, publications, papers etc - a large repository of knowledge with your contribution! Become an official user and get access to publish your articles on the Library and help the WFRM Community to stay up-to-date!
  • Wiki fire – Glossary with fire-related words
  • Sci-face – Connect with other wildfire professionals – create your profile and find other wildfire professionals to make your communication easier
  • Events – Fire related events on a calendar – Become an official member and add your event
  • News – Fire-related news – Become a register user and upload news about your project
  • Case Studies– Fire-related case study map with case studies from all over the globe – Become an official member and add or make changes at the case studies you have access
  • Tech Mall – An online exhibition of technologies related to the three phases of WildFire Risk Management – The best way to disseminate your technologies is through the WFRM Community. Become an official member and upload your technologies on the platform
  • Dissemination Booster– Existing EU Commission platforms to help you disseminate your project and its results
  • WFRM Measures - WFRM actors, approaches, measures, strategies and Standard Operating Procedures

*Note that the "title" of the bullet point list components may change, but their concept and content will remain the same. More information about how you will upload your content will be available on the platform