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Area of Specialization: Applied Fire and Forest Ecology 


Tall Timbers and the Jones Center at Ichauway are recruiting a joint Post-Doctoral Research Scientist to  investigate the patterns and mechanisms of post-fire tree mortality and fire-vegetation feedbacks in  southeastern pine-oak ecosystems. The incumbent will focus on a series of large permanent plots where  frequent prescribed fire is applied. The incumbent will work with two mentors (Drs. Jeffery Cannon at  the Jones Center at Ichauway and Morgan Varner at Tall Timbers) and collaboratively with other  scientists and staff at the two institutions and collaborators at the USDA Forest Service, US Geological  Survey, and affiliated NGOs, universities, and land managers. The position is funded for two years, with  additional support possible for a third year based on performance and funding availability.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

The successful candidate will lead efforts on understanding the patterns and underlying mechanisms of  fire-caused tree mortality in southeastern pine-oak ecosystems. The candidate will primarily be  responsible for analyzing and modeling data and writing manuscripts. Additionally, the candidate will  provide oversight for multiple field-based projects, including administration, field activities, supervision  of technicians, data management, and analysis. Finally, the candidate will develop proposals in response  to related RFPs and interact with numerous academic, NGO, and federal scientists of diverse academic  backgrounds.  

Minimum Qualifications: 

A completed Ph.D. degree in either forestry, ecology, plant physiology, geospatial analysis, fire behavior,  climatology, or a related field. Candidate should be highly motivated with the ability to work  independently. The successful candidate should have skills in two or more of the following: statistical  analyses, vegetation surveys, plant physiology, measuring field and laboratory fire behavior,  micrometeorology, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and scientific writing. Valid state driver's license  required. 

Will ABD's (all but dissertation) be considered? 


Preferred Qualifications: 

Ph.D. in aforementioned fields of study. The candidate should have experience designing and  implementing field and laboratory experiments, as evidenced by publication in peer-reviewed outlets. A  strong understanding of fire and forest ecology of southeastern pine-oak ecosystems or similar is  preferred, though not required. Experience with multivariate statistical analyses and mathematical  modeling is preferred.  

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Knowledge of and experience with some of the following topic areas: forest ecology, community  ecology, fire ecology, fire behavior, statistical analyses, and scientific writing.  

Working Conditions and Physical Effort: 

Ability to perform routine office work and fieldwork in inclement weather under strenuous conditions in  a southern climate, including occasional long hours and weekends for field campaigns.  

Workplace Environment and Commitments to Diversity: 

Both institutions share a commitment as equal opportunity employers, and reject racism, prejudice,  discrimination or hate toward any race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender  identity, ability, national origin, veteran status, socioeconomic class, religion, or professional status. We  strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups and those that add to and engage the  local communities.  

Instructions for Applying: 

Applications should include 1) a letter of interest that includes educational and experiential preparation  and 2) a current CV. All applications should be emailed to Drs. Jeffery Cannon  

( and Morgan Varner (  

Contacts: J. Morgan Varner and Jeffery Cannon 

Contact Email: & Contact Phone: MV: 707-845-1659 ; JC: 229-734-4706 

Applications Reviewed: July 05, 2022 or until a suitable candidate can be found Position Start Date: 07-01-2022 (negotiable)

Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time  

12-month/9-month 12 Month  

Salary: $60,000  

Work Location Joint (1 hour driving distance between institutions) between Tallahassee, FL  (Tall Timbers) and Newton, GA (Jones Center at Ichauway). Details negotiable.  

Further Information on Tall Timbers and the Jones Center at Ichauway: 

Tall Timbers, a 4,000 acre site founded in 1958, is located in Tallahassee, Florida. Research at Tall  Timbers is focused on fire ecology, vertebrate ecology, Northern bobwhite ecology, and applications of  fire modeling and training to meet next-generation fire management needs. Tall Timbers also owns and  manages the 9,100 acre Livingston Place, near Monticello, Florida. Both sites are frequently burned and  have a diversity of ecosystems where fire is a dominant ecological process. More information on Tall  Timbers can be found here: 

The Jones Center at Ichauway is a 29,000 acre research center located between Albany and Bainbridge,  Georgia. The Center’s research, education, and conservation programs focus on ecology and natural  resource management and include 16,000 acres of longleaf pine forests, over 1,000 acres of wetlands,  and 26 miles of stream and river ecosystems. The research program is home to several long-term and  ongoing studies in forest, wildlife, and stream ecology. Much of the site has been managed continuously  with prescribed fire since the 1920s offering an ideal setting for ecological and conservation research.  Further information can be found on the web site at