Biomass production and fire hazard reduction in the Union of Municipalities of Pratomagno

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The Unione Comuni of Pratomagno, Toscana Region, installed in 2012 a biomass central that furnish the heating system of a number of buildings in the Municipality of Loro Ciuffenna, including schools and the Unione Comuni operative center. The biomass system is powered by wood chips obtained from silvicultural variable retention measures carried out in coniferous forests (Pinus nigra, Pinus pinaster, Pseudostuga mentiesii) on public lands with the aim of reducing fire hazard, increase fire resistance and overall ecological stability of forests in the area. Intervention priority in strategic fuel reduction areas is defined by a fire preventions plan (Piani specifici di prevenzione AIB). The Unione Comuni maintains also the road and fuel break network to support fire-fighting interventions in the area.

Free access publications (in Italian): Forest Management Plan of the public lands managed by the Unione Comuni del Pratomagno: