Grazing program for fire hazard abatement through the “Landa Carsica” business network

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In the Carso area of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, North East Italy, a grazing program started in 2013 to reduce fire hazard in high fire risk areas. The program aims at reducing fuel load by grazing in strategic areas while sustaining intervention by activating a value chain of meat products. The program includes the temporary use of private lands for 5 years after notification to land owners if these areas fall within the area identified as strategic for fire hazard abatement (Regional Law 17/2019). Private lands are committed to local farmers. However, the owners continue keep their rights on them. A business network called “Landa Carsica” between local farmers was created to reach a consistent company size in order to gain access to RDP Measures. In this way, the economical sustainability of the program is guaranteed by gaining access to the RDP Measures 4.4.1. “Investimenti non produttivi connessi con la conservazione e la tutela dell’ambiente” to restore the “landa carsica” habitat and landscape, 11.1.1. “Conversione all’agricoltura biologica” to adopt the organic farming method and 10.1.8. “Razze animali in via di estinzione” to preserve the “grigio alpina” cattle breed whose population is facing a dramatic decrease.

Soon after, a second initiative started on the fire-exposed site of “Monte Sabotino”, province of Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia. Abandoned lands were committed to a non-profit association which raises sheeps for didactic ends. RDP Measure 4.4.1. “Investimenti non produttivi connessi con la conservazione e la tutela dell’ambiente” was activated to fund the scrub clearing and restore the productivity of the pastures.

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