Integrated Fire Prevention Plan - PreFeu initiative Upper Val Susa

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Some inner Alpine valleys have a high wildfire ignition risk and due to the continuity of the forest mass may experience large forest fires. The main objective of the PreFeu initiative in the Upper Susa Valley is to plan preventive measures with an "integrate approach" including ecosystem services protection, fire-fighting support and economical sustainability. The PreFeu Integrated Fire Prevention Plan identifies and design preventive infrastructures for the whole area such as strategic shaded fuelbreaks and variable retention silvicultural treatments to increase forest resistance and resilience to fire disturbance. These intervention areas are planned in sites where the fire behaviour is expected to multiply (nodes) or change because of mountain topography and changes in the vegetation flammability. Fuel treatments include: variable retention and prescribed burning, with the aim of modifying the load, arrangement and connectivity of surface and crown fuels. The initiative maintains fuel managed areas by valorising the wood material extracted by preventive silvicultural treatments in short value chains transforming the wood in assortments of different quality destined for both the construction and interior design sectors, and the energy sector. Sawmills of the Susa Valley are promoting the contribution of local wood use to prevent large fires and protect key forest ecosystem services.

La Foresta is a private enterprise joining the PreFeu project. At the following link one of the smart-products realized by using wood extracted in burnt areas: