Life Granatha | GRowing AviaN in Apennine's Tuscany HeathlAnds

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LIFE+GRANATHA is a European LIFE+project with a duration of five years which aims to reduce the loss of suitable habitat for target birds (Directive 2009/147/EC) in the Pratomagno area, Toscana Region, Italy. Conservation interventions include mechanical cutting and prescribed burning. Since the area is vulnerable to large forest fires, interventions to renew the heathlands (and consequently decrease fire hazard) are planned integrating a fire risk reduction approach. The smart solution consists in creating a value chain to produce and commercialize organic/biological brooms made of Ericaceae by using vegetation residues cut in fire prevention areas. Meanwhile, prescribed burning interventions are integrated in the training program to the use of fire of the Toscana Region. The project aims raising awareness in the general public of the role of nature conservation in fire management and the conservation of agricultural landscapes.

Free access publication (in Italian): Piano degli interventi di fuoco prescritto del LIFE Granatha per la prevenzione degli incendi e la gestione conservativa delle brughiere del Pratomagno (Prescribed burning Plan of the Life Granatha Project to prevent wildfires and maintain heathlands in the Pratomagno):