Montis – Conservação da Natureza

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Non-governmental, non-profit, and nationwide organization with the objective of guaranteeing the development of natural processes, promoting native species conservation, smartly manage forest fires and other natural hazards and increasing the biodiversity market value.

Project ICNF Award – O caminho da suavidade, funded by the Environmental Fund (ICNF) in 2017: Management of 100 hectares of the baldio of Carvalhais (São Pedro do Sul), which was transferred for a 10 yr renewable period. The main objective is to increase the global biodiversity of the area (especially for species that respond more quickly to management actions: 1) flora, especially herbaceous and shrubs; 2) invertebrates; 3) birds; 4) mammals). One of the sub-objectives is to increase landscape resilience to natural hazards, including fire.