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Universitat de Barcelona
Xavier Ubeda has more than 25 years of experience in the study of fire effects in soil properties, hydrology and soil erosion. He participated in two European projects where the main interest was to understand the importance of the fire intensity in soil physics changes, erosion processes and vegetation regrowth. Thanks to these projects he finished his PhD in Geography in 1998 with a work entitled: Effects of the different fire intensity in the soil properties. Since 2000 his main interest is the effects of the prescribed fires on soil properties, due to it is a common fuel management in his region. Four Spanish projects have sponsored the investigation about the short, medium and long term effects in soils after prescribed fires. He organized in February 2007 the International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties in Barcelona and the ICOPFIRES Congress (International Congress on Prescribed Fires in 2017. He is a full Professor in Geography in the University of Barcelona where and among others he teaches a subject for the European Master Environmental Management and Land Planning called Forest management for fire prevention and burnt forest recovery.
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Training, Research and Development
Fire impacts assessment (soil, biodiversity, water supply, carbon stocks and others)
Prescribed burning
Restoration of burnt areas
Wildland urban interface
Montalegre, 6
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