Fire/landscape management engagement with research

Admin: Núria Prat

This community is open to all types of participation:

  • Get information about the research groups (goals/challenges/opportunities) that were presented during the Forum on Catalan Wildfire Research (Barcelona, 11/2018). If you where not there, you can post the outlines of your research and/or your challenges and opportunities to share with the community.
  • Post your research papers and other interesting research outputs that can be of interest for the fire community.
  • Get in touch with researchers, practitioners and managers that share similar research interests.
  • Participate in discussions about current research, networking opportunities, funding opportunities, new research goals....
  • and more...

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  • De 12/07/2020 hasta 17/07/2020

    " Scientists, engineers, and others interested in combustion are invited to attend and participate in this biennial world congress of The Combustion Institute."