Risk and Incident Modelling Services Specification Report (D3.4)

Por Pau Costa Foundation el

This document provides a report of the work carried out in the approach of Task 3.2. It presents the specification and design of the module of PHAROS that provides the risk and incident modelling services that shall be implemented in the short term approach of PHAROS.

This specification report presents the architecture of this module, its components as well as the role and purpose of these in the specified architecture. Furthermore, taking into account the services to be provided and the identified technical requirements, several simulation modes have been defined and described. According to this, the necessary basis data that is planned to be used for the implementation of the SM has been defined together with the several sets of input data and input parameters that are needed to simulate as well as the outputs that shall be generated by each of the defined simulation modes. Moreover, the interfaces that are planned to be implemented between the Simulation Module and the other components of PHAROS have been specified and described.

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