1st International Congress on Fire in the Earth System: Humans and Nature

Por Marcel_Guarque

De 3 Noviembre 2021 hasta 6 Noviembre 2021
Wildfires and climate change / Incendios Forestales y Cambio Climático

Fire is a key component of the Earth System and humans used as hunters and farmers. In the 21st century, fire is in the forefront of the environmental management and there is a need to find the role fire must play in our landscape. To achieve success, scientists, citizens and practitioners must interact and networking. FES2020 propose a hybrid conference with scientists, citizens and practitioners to share information, ideas and goals to use fire as a tool to achieve sustainability.

We invite participants with backgrounds such as fire dynamics, fire risk management, fire effects on vegetation, fauna, soil and water, and socio-economic, historical, geographical, political perception and land management approaches. We wish to connect the scientific communities from different regions of the world with the practitioners and citizens that will contribute to see different experiences and will boost the emergence of new approaches to fire research.

fEs2020 will power synergistic collaborations between research groups, citizens and stakeholders. fEs2020 will help to synthesise the existing knowledge, to create fire-resilient landscapes based on integrated approach that include from biological, biochemical and physical research approaches, but also socio-economic, historical, geographical, sociological, perception and policy constraints.

fEs2020 will contribute to prepare society, practitioners and scientists to the intensification and geographical spreading of wildfires under the impact of Climate and Land Use Change. Global Change and fire will be two key actors for the fate of the humankind, and they will be discussed in fEs2020.


Cambio climático y riesgo de incendios forestales
Evaluación de los efectos del fuego (suelo, biodiversidad, suministro de agua, sumidero de carbón y otros)
Percepción, cultura del riesdo y comunicación
Restauración de áreas quemadas