Disaster and emergency management disaster

Por Marcel_Guarque

De 1 Octubre 2020 hasta 2 Octubre 2020
Fire ecology and management

The 2020 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference is a platform to connect and share insight on planning, operations and strategy in your sector of emergency management and community safety.

Learn about the latest research, technology, polices and practical experiences in disaster and emergency management
Develop relationships with fellow emergency service professionals across state and industry borders
Discover emerging high-tech technologies, capabilities and products
Identify new learnings from individual and collaborative case studies
Connect and engage with workers across various disaster and emergency sectors from air, sea and land

Cambio climático y riesgo de incendios forestales
Necesidades de los servicios de extinción y gestión de emergencias
Evaluación del riesgo y planificación
Gobernanza del riesgo