Indigenous Fire Management: past, present, and future

Por Núria Prat

24 Febrero 2021

The PyroLife project is starting a Webinar Series dedicated to its PhDs, but open to anyone interested in learning about fire. These webinars will be structured in cycles, the first one titled Living with fire

Here is a preview of the line-up for the first webinar on Indigenous Fire Management: past, present, and future, that will take place on the 24th of February at 16h CET. In this presentation, three Indigenous researchers will discuss about the ancient fire practices designed to protect and nourish their environments, current practices, and look to how future fire management can be guided by cultural burning practices. Issues of sovereignty and environmental justice will also be discussed.


Gestión del combustible (biomasa, PEGs, mosaico del paisaje)
Percepción, cultura del riesdo y comunicación
Quemas prescritas
Restauración de áreas quemadas
Gobernanza del riesgo